FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS

         (1)     What is TICO?

          TICO is a next generation, de-centralized investment and stores for shopping.

          The network will contain its own cryptocurrency token.

         (2)    Why do TICO choose to do ICO?

            TICO chose to raise funds through an ICO because it is a better fit our business model as a blockchain company that seeks to provide a                      decentralized shopping stores, debit and credit card to the masses.

         (3)      What are you going to use the ICO funds for?

              TICO will take the funds raised in the ICO crowdfunding token sale to develop our decentralized Shopping store and debit&credit card                            internationally for it's holders. 

         (4)    What is TICO?


           Our new digital cryptocurrency is set to launch on 1/4/2018.

          (5)   What is an ICO?

           ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is a means by which funds are raised for a new cryptocurrency venture. In an ICO campaign, a percentage of the                    cryptocurrency is sold to early backers of the project in exchange for legal tender or other cryptocurrencies.

         (6)   What happens to tokens that don’t get sold at the ICO?

            Tokens left on sold will be used for Topinvestmentcoin investment platform.

         (7)     Will I be able to trade my TICO on digital currency exchanges?

           TICO has already completed the necessary applications to get TICO listed on several key exchanges. We are in discussions with those                           exchanges now, and anticipate an immediate listing on at least one exchange once the coin is launched.

         (8)    When will I receive my TICO?

             Your TICO are reserved when you make your purchase. You will receive them at the Initial Coin Offering.

          (9)    What if the minimum milestone is not achieved?

             To protect our buyers against the event of a first milestone not being met during the ICO, we have worked closely with escrow providers to                    ensure buyer protection. In the event that during the ICO that first milestone is neither met nor exceeded, all money will be safely returned                      back to their respective parties.

          (10)      Is TICO ERC20 compliant?

          Yes, our token offering is completely compliant with ERC20 protocol.

          (11)    Is there a specific wallet I should use to store my TICO?

            The TICO token is standard ERC20, and can thus be maintained using a variety of Ethereum wallets. TICO will eventually provide hosting                      wallets for our users, but we advise using MetaMash, Mist, or MyEtherWallet until that option is available.

          (12)       How can I use the TICO after the ICO?

            Once the initial offering is over, TICO token holders will be able to trade their tokens on listed cryptocurrency exchanges, participate on                         investment platform.

          (13)       Are TICO tokens transferable? 

             Yes, crowdsale purchased TICO tokens are immediately transferable.